Sober Living

Temporary Living Arrangement

What is Sober Living?

Sober living is a transitory living arrangement from the early detox treatment to living a normal life with sobriety. The primary feature of a sober living arrangement is drug/alcohol free environment. Most often, individuals who choose sober living enrol into IOP after in-patient/residential treatment.  Please note, this is voluntary and never mandatory. The blended sober-living environment and IOP therapies help you with recovery and long-term sobriety. Sober-living arrangements can be utilised for up to six months to a year until the patients gather confidence to make an independent living.

The Benefits of Sober Living at Gravity Treatment Centers


The primary objective of sober-home-living is that it trains you to be accountable for your actions. Alongside staying sober post-recovery, the individual will also participate in a 12-step meeting; it includes social activities in a recovery community, communication enhancement and relationship-building with in-house managers and residents, regular operational chores such as their professional work/school and the like. Thus sober-living acts as a trailer for autonomous-living in the real world.

Sober Living Treatment in California

The worst nightmare of an addict who has completed the recovery process is getting back the feelings of isolation, loneliness, neglect, misunderstood by the dear ones, and the impending anxiety. So, sober living helps you overcome these fears by replacing your conflict and dilemmas with some new bonds and fellowships. It ensures a healthy social life with lots of fun activities, recovery activities, talk therapy and other group activities. This strengthens the feeling of love, care and belonging with the group. Sober living prepares you for a happier, autonomous and accountable living.

Sober Living in Desert Hot Springs California

Recovery from addiction is as good as a rebirth. When you learn the art of staying sober, you need to relearn your socialization and communication skills. At sober-living, you can relearn these basic skills and start afresh. Gravity Treatment Centers ensures that residents manage themselves individually and socially through actively partaking in housekeeping work and socialising with other residents.

Sober living Program

It is a known fact that, old environment can be a significant trigger for relapse post-recovery. Old environment is filled with impulses, temptations, triggers for indulgences and staying sober can be a herculean task. This process is made easy with sober-living. While at sober-living, our skilled-medical-staff will train you about techniques to face the real world and fight these triggers and impulses.

Recovery Is A Process

Why Sober Living?

Recovery is a process. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months for a formerly addicted mind and body to return to normal. During early recovery, it is common to lack impulse control, emotional control, and decision-making skills. It is best to be around other recovering addicts and alcoholics so that when problems arise you have peers who are able to help you come up with healthy solutions.

Sober living offers a transitional step from treatment into normal society to help ease the stress of a quickly changing life. Just as prisoners go to halfway homes before returning to society, those who were prisoners to their addiction might need a step between their addiction and independent living.

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