Detox Aftercare

Sobriety After Primary Treatment

What is Aftercare?

Aftercare is as important as detox-treatment; it is the follow-up after enduring detox treatment. An inpatient/outpatient detox-treatment alone does not end addiction. Recovery is only a foretaste. Aftercare is the real testing-time for the successful recovery and long-term sobriety. This success can be achieved through regular follow-up sessions, through telephone, video calls or offline meetings. This program is a long-term plan. At Gravity Treatment Centers, we understand the pressures of the recovery-challenge. Our expert medical team walks with you through these testing times too with a minimum of six months of follow-up sessions, care and assistance. Our weekly and/or monthly follow-ups ensure your smooth acclimatisation into long term sobriety with aftercare.

Benefits Of Gravity Treatment Centers Aftercare


Will power is a determining factor to most of our achievements in life. Similarly, for addiction-related-detox too any weakness in that will-power can easily push you into a relapse state. So, for long term sobriety it's important to develop this will-power, accountability, and responsibility for our own actions. It is highly challenging. Aftercare programs, in this case, will ensure that your accountability and an aim for long-term-sobriety is achieved through various individual and community-oriented activities.


The road to recovery is not an easy one, it takes time. It is good to fight the battles one day at a time. Through conscious actions you can prevent your triggers or impulsive thoughts. At Gravity Treatment Centers, our aftercare programs such as continued-recovery-based-education and supportive-advice help you through these tough times. Here, we can assure you to provide you with answers to your questions, confusions, queries and aspects related to recovery and long-term-sobriety.


Gravity Treatment Centers emphasises relapse prevention as the core mission of our aftercare program. The end of an inpatient/outpatient treatment doesn't ensure long-term sobriety. It's easy to go into a negative mind-set with destructive thoughts, triggers, pain, stress, cravings and impulses. This can be a negative to your path to recovery. At Gravity Treatment Centers, we have the expert-addiction counsellors and medical-staff who not only give you relapse-prevention-courses, but also plan your aftercare sessions to discuss, treat and resolve any issues on the road to recovery.


Sharing experience is a vital part in a detox program. It can act as a miracle medicine. Be it a positive or negative experience of a detox journey, each experience of a fellow mate is learning. Thus, the support-group and their experiences, of struggles and achievements, can transform the road to long-term-sobriety into a smooth, motivating and comfortable journey. One of the main advantages of support-groups is the extended moral support and frequent interactions that strengthen new relationships, boost emotional, spiritual, and physical morale and develop a ‘we-feeling’ among the group. At Gravity Treatment Centers we help you set up a strong, healthy, beneficial support group and recovery network and ensure a road to long term recovery.

Detox aftercare treatment

Detox is not limited to the physical aspect; it includes emotional factors too for ensuring long-term-sobriety. More so, it is all in the mind! At Gravity Treatment Centers our aftercare service helps you to strengthen your mind, makes you strong to build your emotional sobriety and control the same for the long-run. To achieve this, our academic counsellors will train you into practising meditation, mindfulness and other techniques to ensure success in the long term and reduce chances of a relapse.

Outpatient Detox aftercare

How do you reach us after the detox program? Do not worry! Gravity Treatment Centers has set up recovery meetings at various locations all over the country. The larger cities will have several meetings a day, and rural towns will have at least one meeting in a day. Moreover, even an online meeting option is available. These meetings help you work further on your accountability, relapse-prevention, moral support, emotional sobriety and strong relationships. These steps will boost your recovery and a long-term-sobriety. Gravity Treatment Centers also provides you with an option called Smart Recovery. If recovery meetings are not your first choice, you may choose Smart Recovery too.


Gravity Treatment Centers strongly believes that we share the responsibility of taking good care of you while you are enrolled with us. Even after the detox-program, our aftercare program monitors your progress to help you with long-term recovery. At Gravity Treatment Centers, we are concerned with your activities outside aftercare. To ensure long-term-sobriety, our aftercare facility also provides continued learning, advice, support and education to build your own aftercare resources such as 12-step meetings.

Detox aftercare in California

Detox and addiction treatment is surely not a walk in the park. It is a long and tough battle. The cravings are hard to resist and it's a constant battle. Sometimes the inpatient/outpatient addiction treatment can fail in long-term-sobriety even after a few weeks of recovery. This is where aftercare programs help with continued advice, recovery-based education and continued-counselling to make sure your long-term recovery is successful. Gravity Treatment Centers understands this struggle and we want to share your aim and help you achieve it!

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