Residential Treatment

What is Residential Treatment?

The comfort of our homes most often makes the path to recovery an extremely demanding process. Most often, individuals who try to detox at home fail. In these cases, you can enrol into our residential detox program at Gravity Treatment Centers. Look up into our inpatient-medical intervention services. By choosing this, you will be expected to cohabit in a residential facility which has 24/7 medical-staff support. Along with the rooms to live-in, this place will provide you wholesome meals, counselling sessions, relapse-prevention-course, continued education programs and other such holistic interventions related to recovery.

The Benefits Of Residential Treatment


In the process of recovery and detox, being in the home environment can be extremely burdensome. Fighting the battle alone at home, and facing familial triggers soars the chance of a relapse. In such cases, inpatient detox treatment is the most suitable solution. These programs extend individualised day-planners which include, wholesome meals, counselings sessions, relapse-prevention-course, continued education programs and other such holistic interventions related to recovery. Additionally, you will also meet people who are on their road to recovery. This socialising also boosts your physical and mental strength to detox. Thus, it decreases the chances of relapse to a great extent.


One of the biggest advantages of in-patient residential detox programs is the uninterrupted medical support around the clock. Recovery, like addiction, is extremely turbulent. The mind and the body are constantly in conflict with each other. In these testing times, one can easily fall into relapse mode. But in in-patient programs, the medical-staff is always there to help you, listen to you, advise you, support you and ease your pain. The expertise and experience of our medical-staff and counsellors has been recommended by our patients.


Tough times don’t last, tough people do. Detox and recovery will, no doubt, be tough for you. In these tough times, Gravity Treatment Centers will help and support you as a friend. So, in your struggle towards recovery, we will help you unravel the best in you. The road to recovery pushes you out of your comfort zone. But, we ensure that your process to recovery is safe, smooth, and customised.

What Happens in Gravity Treatment Centers Residential Treatment?


Recovery begins with detoxification. This process guarantees that all harmful substances (alcohol/drugs) are thoroughly expelled from your system. This is followed by holistic counselling sessions, social activities, relapse-prevention courses, and continued education. It is recommended to undergo detox and recovery under the guidance of expert-medical and counselling practitioners. Gravity Treatment Centers ensures that you are supported with all these amenities along with a healthy intake of vitamins and supplements, drug therapy, and timely medical checks.


An individual’s addiction affects his/her kith and kin; hence, recovery is always a collective process. Healing is a collective process for the addict, his/her family and friends. At Gravity Treatment Centers we acknowledge the need for family counseling alongside the individual counseling sessions. Our expert-addiction-counselors will create a better awareness about their loved one’s struggles, dilemmas, and pain. These sessions will also give them a clarity regarding their responsibilities in the healing process. In turn, this involvement will only strengthen severed relationships, help healing, and soar the chances of long-term sobriety.


Giving vent to our frustrations and anxiety is the best cure for ensuring good mental health. Venting out immensely helps recovery from addiction too. This is facilitated through counselling sessions during recovery. At Gravity Treatment Centers we understand the need for an individual to vent out his/her aggression, anxieties and frustrations with pain and detox. So, we organize the best counselling sessions through experienced counsellors. You can vent it all out without any inhibitions. Our credentialed-counsellors will guide you into facing your dilemma with a positive outlook through individualised counselling sessions as well as group therapy.


Gravity Treatment Centers understands that the road to recovery and long-term sobriety is not limited to therapy and mental-health counselling sessions. Through the recovery process, our expert practitioners groom the individual to take up hobbies or other interesting activities through other varied interventions such as yoga, music and dance therapy, art therapy, meditation, mindfulness, gardening, and other cognitive-behavioral-dialectical therapy.


In-patient/outpatient treatment alone does not ensure successful recovery. The past triggers, pain and/or the fear of impending pain, desires, destructive thoughts, can further instigate the desire to give-in or relapse. This can adversely affect the detox process. Gravity Treatment Centers walks with you through this herculean task and helps you stay afloat. Relapse prevention course is one of the foremost activities of the aftercare program to ensure long-term sobriety after recovery.


Addiction does not happen overnight; an inpatient/outpatient treatment alone does not end addiction. Recovery is only a foretaste. Aftercare is the real testing time for the successful recovery and long-term sobriety. This success can be achieved through regular follow-up sessions, through telephone, video calls or offline meetings. At Gravity Treatment Centers, we understand this challenge. Our expert medical team walks with you through these testing times too with a minimum of six months of follow-up sessions, care and assistance. Our weekly and/or monthly follow-ups ensure your smooth acclimatisation into long term sobriety with aftercare.

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