What To Expect From Gravity Treatment Centers


Gravity Treatment Centers places supreme importance to holistic analysis of patient the provide adequates medical-intervention design for addiction treatment.

Medical stabilization

Gravity Treatment Centers ensures that medical-detox process this thoroughly and constantly scrutinized by experienced medical and mental-health practitioners over span of three days to week.

Follow-up care and education

Follow-up care and education is religiously achieved through regular meetings which are scheduled prior to discharge. At Gravity Treatment Centers, our proactive and skilled-staff extend continued medical–assistance and psychological-counseling services on demand.

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How We Care

Gravity Treatment Centers extends individualised medical-interventions based on a holistic medical-analysis of each patient. In case of counselling services too we assure quality services which include keen listening, non-judgemental advice, timely emotional support and a healthy rapport with the patients. Gravity Treatment Centers understands that detox is mentally and physically strenuous. So, the therapists 24/7 availability, close examinations of case-histories, appropriate medical interventions is important. This will ensure safe, smooth and comfortable transitioning from addiction through recovery. All this and much more services are provided by Gravity Treatment Centers. Call Gravity Treatment Centers on the toll-free line and let us help you in your recovery mission.

Our Staff Understands

At Gravity Treatment Centers, we pride ourselves on being able to rebuild a broken individual and help them regain the life that drugs and/or alcohol had stolen from them. Our staff is made up of medical and addiction professionals who understand what it is like to battle substance abuse. Our staff is able to equip residents with the tools to solving real-life issues, and understand that substance abuse is not only a surface-level issue. Addiction and alcoholism is a physical, psychological, sociological, emotional, and spiritual issue that must be addressed as such. But before the internal work begins, one must get their body back to normal. This is done with proper medication, nutrition, rest, and mental health exercises.

Clients at Gravity Treatment Centers will have access to a variety of meals every day that are catered to fit anyone and everyone’s individual tastes. Appetites may be lacking during the first few days in our center, so we do offer meal replacement shakes. Nutrition is extremely important during detox, so receiving the proper vitamins and minerals is essential.