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Recovery begins with detoxification. This process guarantees that all harmful substances (alcohol/drugs) are thoroughly expelled from your system and it can be achieved through skilled-medical assistance. Plenty of clinics in California claim to aid physical and mental detox from substances. But, most of these clinics fail to treat the client’s chronic pain through recovery. Gravity Treatment Centers understands the hazardous effects of chronic pain and works skilfully to relieve you through this in a step-by-step manner. Mild to acute mental and physical stressors are a common withdrawal symptom from drugs and/or alcohol. Quitting cold-turkey, specifically alcohol and few other drugs can prove to be fatal too. In these instances, skilled-medical assistance becomes a boon to overcome stressors and avoid fatality. Gravity Treatment Centers empathises with the client’s condition and prioritises their smooth and safe transitioning through recovery during the detox process through constant monitoring and adequate treatment.

Detoxing from Stimulants

Withdrawal symptoms are a common obstacle in the path to recovery and detox. These symptoms can be physical and/or psychological. They can be mild or moderate or acute symptoms.  Drugs such as crack, cocaine, or amphetamines are termed as stimulants because their after-effect of consumption is instant and massive. As soon as the effect grows dim acute psychological symptoms such as acute anxiety, irritability and depression sets-in. Most often, these are accompanied with an intense craving for more drugs.  The higher the severity of the withdrawal symptoms, the larger is the chances of relapse. Acing or spending irrationally and binge-consumption is a common behaviour among individuals who are on the verge of relapse. If you or your dear ones are struggling to detox from stimulants, please understand that skilled-medical intervention will ease the process and Gravity Treatment Centers will be more than happy to help!

Opiate Detox

Opioids have aggravated as global cataclysms in the recent years. Statistics of 2017 prove that the United States lost its 45000 citizens to accidental death caused due to opiate-substance overdose. Opioids which include fentanyl, prescription painkillers, heroin, and carfentanil can be psychologically as well as physically addictive. Some of the opiates are short-acting and some others are vice-versa.  The withdrawal symptoms for short-acting opiates are instant (as early as two hours after the recent use) and for long-acting opiates it can take a few days. The longer the time gap between the last use and the pain, the higher will be the severity of the pain. The critical symptoms are intense cravings, restlessness, perturbing anxiety, nausea, cold sweats, diarrhoea, vomiting, constant sneezing, abdominal,-muscle-joint pain. So, it is advisable to undergo detox with skilled-medical assistance to reduce the chances of fatality, failure or relapse. We, at Gravity Treatment Centers, provide 24/7 supervision, adequate and timely interventions and a smooth transition through detox to fight chronic pain. Gravity Treatment Centers also promises a larger success rate in your attempt for opiate detox.

Benzodiazepine Detox

Among the various drugs, depressants for CNS (Central nervous system) include Benzodiazepines such as Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, and Valium. These drugs are often administered as pain-relievers by skilled practitioners for anxiety and panic related disorders for a short-duration under constant assistance. However, in recent times, benzodiazepines are rampantly used as a recreational indulgence which can further develop into abuse/addiction. Unlike opiates, the withdrawal symptoms associated with Benzodiazepines are severe and lethal too. The individuals can succumb to seizures, or even heart or brain failure. Hence, it is highly recommended to undergo benzodiazepine detox under skilled-medical assistance at certified detox-centers.

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