Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient vs Inpatient Treatment

It is a mandate to reside in staffed-residential facilities for inpatient-medical intervention. This is like your temporary home even as you undergo counseling sessions, relapse prevention courses, continued education and other such interventions. On the flip side, in an IOP, patients will undergo the same counselling sessions, relapse prevention course, continued education and other such interventions similar to inpatient treatment. But they do not stay and eat on campus. They can go about with their daily chores, take up a job or go to college during the detox-program. Generally, for clients who cannot commit to a 24/7 medical intervention, an outpatient program would be more suitable than the inpatient program.

The Outpatient Staff

Gravity Treatment Centers offers an Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) that is on par with the in-patient services. Gravity Treatment Centers’s outpatient-staff consists of competent-medical specialists and counsellors with substantial experience in addiction recovery. Our staff will critically examine your case-history, your pattern and severity of abuse, the intensity of pain, your knowledge about detox, your weaknesses, your strengths and your expectations through the treatment. Having studied this, our specialists will formulate a customised intervention program for long-term sobriety.


One of the vital treatment-techniques in IOP is one-to-one therapy sessions. Talk therapy, music therapy, art therapy, dance therapy, cognitive-behavioural-dialectical therapy, and others are adopted as effective strategies to fight the addictive behaviour, or drug/alcohol related cravings or desire to quit recovery. In each of this process, the skilled-specialists at Gravity Treatment Centers  encourage uninhibited disclosures by the addicts regarding their fears, thoughts and cravings and respond to the same without any stereotypes or judgements.


Group therapy works wonders for outpatient programs. Having a friend with similar ailment can act as a support and motivation in your path towards recovery. This therapy is constantly monitored by the IOP-staff to critically assess the group dynamics. When the group discusses their pain/stress/destructive thoughts/triggers/impulse-related stories or even stories about overcoming these potential problems and so on the IOP-staff assesses and monitors each individual. As for individuals, these shared experiences can instil more courage, strengthen new relationships and boost emotional, spiritual, and physical morale. The success stories can also help to widen their perspectives to their potential personal issues.


For out-patient treatments, recovery begins with IOP. But,  a larger challenge emerges after the treatment. The autonomy and lack of monitoring soon after IOP can increase the chances of relapse. To help you manage your sobriety with autonomy and accountability, Gravity Treatment Centers organises aftercare-programs. Please remember, few weeks of participation in a detox program do not resolve your addiction issues completely. So if your expected outcome is long-term sobriety, Gravity Treatment Centers extends continued care, assistance, more knowledge regarding detox-techniques on a weekly or monthly basis under our aftercare programs.

Unique Benefits Of Gravity Treatment Centers Detox’s Iop


Residential detox programs may not be favoured by many due to diverse reasons. No worries! At Gravity Treatment Centers we understand your limitations. Contrarily, we offer flexible IOP which operates for a few hours to 70 hours in a week. Despite the Out-patient category, Gravity Treatment Centers does not compromise on its quality. These are personalised interventions provided by staff that is skilled. To know more about our IOP or to enrol yourself into this program, just call us and we will provide you an IOP that suits your needs the best.


Gravity Treatment Centers highly values your need for privacy and your concerns related to addiction. We understand that addiction-related issues are labelled with a social stigma. For Gravity Treatment Centers, our patient’s concerns and fears are of utmost priority and we will protect your privacy under any circumstances.


The worst nightmare of an addict is isolation and the impending anxiety. In this case, a support group works as a powerful remedy for fighting this issue. When other people with similar problems in the support group reveal their struggles and their success stories, the addicts will be motivated, and immensely benefited in fighting the pain. One of the main advantages of IOP is the extended group support and social meetings that strengthens new relationships, boosts emotional, spiritual, and physical morale and develops a ‘we-feeling’ among the group. At Gravity Treatment Centers we help you set up a strong, healthy, beneficial support group and recovery network even after the end of your IOP programs.


The in-patient treatment, no doubt, provides you with exclusive rooms and food during your recovery. IOP doesn’t include these amenities. Hence, IOP will be a lot more economical when compared to a residential program. So, if you have chosen IOP, you and your insurance company will only pay for the medical treatment, recovery plans provided by the medical experts and counsellors and the like. So if budget is an obstacle through your recovery process, call Gravity Treatment Centers and we will provide you an IOP medical intervention that is on par with the in-patient recovery program.

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