Manage Smarter 189: The “Addiction and Recovery” Episode

Today’s guest, Gregory Silva, is the Director of Operations for three drug and alcohol treatment centers in Southern California; Living Longer Recovery, Gravity Treatment Centers and New Spirit Treatment Center in Southern California. Gregory began his career in the marketing industry, but after his best friend passed away from an overdose in 2012, he felt called to help others suffering from addiction. He embarked on a new career in substance abuse treatment and is now passionate about helping people change their lives for the better by demystifying the paths to treatment.

Manage Smarter 189: The “Addiction and Recovery” Episode from SalesFuel on Vimeo.

In this podcast for managers, Audrey, Lee and Gregory:

How managers can recognize signs of addiction in employees
How to have a conversation to inquire about addiction with employees
Treatment for employees vs. releasing them
Benefits considerations to help employees with addictions

“How do you make someone understand that they need help? There’s a lot of companies that drug test and a good percentage will fail the drug test and that’s obviously an indication there. Another way is people are either late to work or don’t show up or don’t call in and that may be a new pattern you didn’t see before.” –Gregory Silva

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