Behavioral Health Technician
Brief info

Hello, My name is Jimmy Martinez and I was born and raised in Palm Springs Ca. Growing up in the Coachella Valley was a lot fun but I have had some rough times. I lost my parents at a young age, which caused me to turn to drugs & alcohol to numb all of my hurt and pain away. I eventually became an addict and hit rock bottom. I lost it all, my apartment, my transportation, and my brother & sisters wanted no contact with me unless I go to rehab and get treatment. I got treatment and I have a total of 3 years clean & sober. I have a sponsor who I talk to daily and gives me great advice. I live as a responsible adult and have gained back everything I lost while I was an addict. Working for Gravity Treatment has given me the opportunity to help addicts who are seeking help in changing their lives. It feels awesome to participate in daily groups & meetings with the clients in treatment. Being able to relate, understand, and help those seeking recovery is an awesome experience. I love my coworkers and my job. My goal is to help all those who come to Gravity Treatment.